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Shared Neutrals Program

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The Shared Neutrals Program (SNP) is a sub committee of the New York Federal Executive Board (NYFEB) that provides alternative methods to resolve workplace disputes.

In the SNP, various federal agencies combine their resources by sharing their trained internal mediators with each other. The program's goal is to resolve workplace disputes early, quickly and at the least cost as possible.

Who can request Mediation?

  • NY FEB SNP participating agencies can request mediators.

  • Agencies that are not participates of the NY FEB SNP may request mediators for a fee of $150.00.

To request a mediator, contact: Reita Pierre-Louis  (212) 264-4512, Reita.Pierre-Louis@ssa.gov or Skarlent Rymer  (212) 264-4511 Skarlent.Rymer@ssa.gov.


How to become a Participating Agency

  1. The agency must have trained mediator (s) to share with the participating agencies.
  2. The agency must complete an Agency Agreement to Participate form (see ADR guide, Form A.) The agency must identify an Agency Coordinator to serve as a liaison between the New York Federal Executive Board (NYFEB) and the agency.

Send completed forms to SkarlentĀ  Rymer  (212) 264-4511 Skarlent.Rymer@ssa.gov or Reita Pierre-Louis (212) 264-4511 Reita.Pierre-Louis@ssa.gov.

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